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Soft Washing / Algae Removal

Many homes in Ireland have red, green and black algae living on their walls, footpaths and driveway entrances. This leaves red, green and black marks on hard surfaces that is actually the build up of biological growths such as algae, lichen, fungi, moss, or mould.

Many homeowners have gone to great lengths to remove these biological growths by power washing walls and re-painting the exterior etc which has cost them much time, energy and money but all this does is mask over the growth but does not get rid of it. Softwash is a way to completely kill the algae and remove its stains from your property.

It works by applying a solution and brushing it in to the effected area. This is then left on the surface to kill the algae, Linchen, fungi, moss or mould. Once this has taken effect, a second solution is applied to remove the tough red stains that may still be left. This leaves the area completely free from any biological growths as well as the removal of the red, black and green marks.

Our Biocidal Wash has 50% active ingredient, is Ph neutral, is unaffected by hard or mineralised water – and is fully biodegradable. Biocidal Wash is approved by the Irish and UK governments – and is fully compliant with all REACH, PCD and HSE regulations.

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